Library Rules/Guidelines

  • Only registered members are allowed to use the Library.
  • Registered members are issued a bar-coded library membership identity card.
  • Members should produce their ID cards at the entrance of the Library and mention Name, Roll No. and course in the Visitor Register.
  • Readers should observe strict silence and keep their Mobile phones etc. on silent mode in the library premises.
  • Student membership of the Library is renewed at the beginning of each Academic Year.
  • Library membership ID card is non-transferable.
  • Reference books and Current Periodicals, Textbooks are not issued. (Note: on request these books can be issued for two days)
  • Old issues of periodicals/Magazines are issued only to faculty/Staff members. (Note: on request these periodicals/Magazines can be issued for two days)
  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves with the physical condition of the books before borrowing.
  • Members are responsible for books issued against their Library ID’s.
  • Books returned after due date will attract a fine of 1 rupee per day.
  • Readers should not write in, mark or otherwise disfigure/damage books, furniture etc.
  • Library can recall any issued book even before the due date.
  • Readers are not allowed to bring personal books into the library.
  • Bags/articles will be returned on production of token issued only, in case of loss of token, bag/article will be returned after proper verification and a fine of Rs.10/-(Rupees Ten only.) will be levied.
  • Books are issued for a period of 15 days only. Hons. Students are entitled for 5 books and Pass course students are entitled for 4 books.