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2021Enamines and their variants as intermediates for synthesis of aza-heterocycles with applications in MCRsD. Magoo, Komal Aggarwal, Shruti Gupta, Kalawati MeenaChemistryTetrahedron0040-4020View
2021 Clinical status of potential drugs used for COVID-19 treatment and recent advances in new therapeutics – A reviewKalpa Mandal, Meenakshi Singh, Charu Chandra, Indraj Kumar KumawatChemistryChemical Biology Letters2347-9825View
2021Impact of Corona Virus Epidemic on Solid Waste Management: Challenges, Opportunities, and Progress.Ratna Singh, Kalpa Mandal,ChemistryBulletin of Environment, Pharmacology and Life SciencesView
2021Nanoscale zeolitic imidazolate framework–8 encapsulates crude extract of Ajuga bracteosa wall ex. Benth and enhanced their antibacterial efficiencyAhanger ABM, Kumar S., Kain D., Arya A., Vandana.ChemistryInorganic Chemistry Communications1387-7003View
2021Need to Revise Cash Flow Statement for Better Investment Decisions and Corporate Governance,Dr. Sangeeta Porwal, Netan Porwal, Dr.haremender porwalCommerceInternational Journal of Management Studies and Social Sciences Research, ( IJMSSSR)2583-0265View
2021Relevance of Break even points for start-ups in Decision Making (Case-Based Approach)Dr. Sangeeta PorwalCommerceInternational Journal of applied research2394-7500(Print)
2021Understanding Agricultural Marketing Reforms and the New Regulations: A ReviewDr. Minakshi KarCommerceDiscussant, Journal of Centre for Reforms, Development and JusticeISSN2250-3412
2021Me, Myself and I….Dr. Rita NagpalCommerceSamvedna2581-9917
2021AanandohamDr. Rita NagpalCommerceSamvedna2581-9917
2021Emerging Economy of India: Performance and Prospects in GlobalizationDr. Sandeep Kumar GargCommerceInternational Research Journal of Management Sociology and HumanitiesISSN 2277 – 9809
2021The tax implications of crypto-currency Transactions in IndiaDr. Sandeep Kumar GargCommerceINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH AND ANALYTICAL REVIEWS ISSN 2349-5138
2021Indian Unicorns and Covid 19: An Assessment & ProspectsNeeta TripathiCommerceARTHAVAAN2455-0353
2021Demonetization & our EconomyAmarjeet KaurCommerceB.AADHAR2278-9308
2021Artificial Intelligence-Robots of AI, human IntelligenceAmarjeet KaurCommerceEducation today2229 5755
2021Future of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics in BusinessDr. Amarjeet KaurCommerceIJCRT2320-2882View
2021Can Online Education System be a replacement of Offline Eduation System. Education Prior to COVID-19 (Offline Study) VS Education in COVID-19 (Online Study)Dr. Amarjeet KaurCommerceAnvesak0378-4568
2021Today’s digital natives: an exploratory study on students’ engagement and satisfaction towards virtual classes amid COVID 19 pandemic.Maini R, Sehgal S, Agrawal GCommerceThe International Journal of Information and Learning Technology2056-4880View
2021Effects of Trusting Beliefs on Intention to Buy Online in Crisis TimesSehgal S, Agrawal G, Maini R. & Chikkara, RCommerce South Asian Journal of Management0971-5428View
2021Analysis of sectoral herding through quantile regression: a study of S&P BSE 500 stocks.Shrotryia, V. K., & Kalra, H.CommerceInternational Journal of Business and Economics2545-4137View
2021COVID-19 and overconfidence bias: a case of developed, emerging and frontier markets.Shrotryia, V. K., & Kalra, H. CommerceInternational Journal of Emerging Markets1746-8809View
2021Herding in the crypto market: a diagnosis of heavy distribution tails.Shrotryia, V. K., & Kalra, H. CommerceReview of Behavioral Finance1940-5979View
2021Padmawatmae prem kisamvednaMandal, KedarHindiSamsamyakSrujan,
2021 2021 kisolahkahaniyaTiwari, P.K.HindiParikatha
2021Kathakar hone kemayaneTiwari, P.K.HindiChintan Disha
2021Special class of G-wolfe type fractional duality theorems under G-psedoinvexityassumtionsKumar, A.MathematicsJournal of Physics: Conference Series1724, 012027.View
2021Nonstandard finite difference method for the approximate solution of two-point fourth order boundary value problems in ODEsPandey, P.K.MathematicsApplied SciencesNAView
2021On the numerical solution of two point boundary value problem for the Helmholtz type equation by finite difference method with non regular step length between nodesPandey, P.K.MathematicsQubahan Academic JournalNAView
2021Covering properties defined by preopen setsSingh, S.MathematicsAsian European Journal of Mathematics1793-5571View
2021On SIH-property and SSIH-property in topological spacesSingh, S.MathematicsKhayyam Journal of Mathematics2423-4788View
2021Relative version of star-Hurewicz propertySingh, S.MathematicsActa Mathematica Hungrica1588-2632View
2021Star-Hurewicz modulo an ideal property in topological spacesSingh, S.MathematicsJournal of Indian Mathematical Society0019-5839View
2021Sequence selection properties in (X) with the double ideals”,Singh, S.MathematicsMathematica Slovaca 1337-2211View
2021Amphipathic methoxypolyethylene glycol-curcumin conjugate as effective drug delivery system useful for colonic diseasesPreetiGoyal, Pradeep Kumar &Alka GuptaChemistryColloid and Polymer Science0008-6215View
2021Chol-Dexnanomicelles: Synthesis, characterization and evaluation as efficient drug carriers for colon targetingPreetiGoyal, Mehek Singh, Pradeep Kumar and Alka GuptaChemistryCarbohydrate Research 5000008-6215View
2021स्वच्छभारतअभभयान(ग्रामीण): ग्रामस्वच्छतापरमहात्मागााँधीकेभिचारोंकायथाथीकरणKumar, NishantPolitical ScienceShodh DrishtiNA
2021Iqbal aur Tasawwurre ZanArshadUrduIqbal FahmiNA
2021Some explorations on population dynamics of freshwater fish parasitic monogenea, Mizelleus indicus (Jain, 1957), Pandey et al. (2003)Arya, P.V. and Singh, H.S.ZoologyJournal of Experimental Zoology, India0972-0030View
2021A review on drug repurposing: A strategy to treat human coronavirus disease (COVID-19).Bhattacharya, N.,et. al.ZoologyInternational Journal of Tropical Diseases and Health2278–1005View
2021Microglia specific drug targeting using natural products for the regulation of redox imbalance in neurodegenerationMaurya, S.K., Bhattacharya, N.,Mishra, S., Bhattacharya, A., Banerjee, P., Senapati, S., and Mishra, R.ZoologyFrontiers in Pharmacology1663-9812View
2021Synthesis, Characterization, Antimicrobial, MTT assay, DFT study of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) Complexes with some New Schiff Base LigandsDeepak Tomara,f, Madhuri Chaurasiab, Prateek Tyagib, Swati Agrawalc, Pravita Kumard, Deepansh Sharmae, Aruna Chhikaraf* and Sulekh Chandrab*ChemistryEgyptian Journal of Chemistry0449-2285View
2021Structural Features and Biological Analysis: Schiff’s Base Ligand and its Cordination CompoundsSeema Gautam, Amit Kumar, Navneet Manav, Jugmender Singh, and Sulekh ChandraChemistryIndian Drugs0019-462XView
2021Traveling of extreme events in network of counter-rotating nonlinear oscillatorsVaibhav Varshney, Suresh Kumarasamy,Ajay Mishra,Bibhu Biswal and Awadhesh PrasadPhysicsCHAOSPrint: ISSN 1054-1500View
2021A Binuclear Gadolinium Complex of 8-hydroxyquinoline-2-carbaldehyde Salicylhydrazone: Structural Characterisation and Photoluminescence PropertiesMukesh Kumar, Amit Kumar, Navneet Manav, Ajay Kumar Bhagi and Rohith P JohnChemistryResearch on Chemical Intermediates1568-5675View
2021The framework of nanopesticides: a paradigm in biodiversityShashank Shekhar, Shreya Sharma, Amit Kumar, Anjali Taneja and  Bhasha SharmaChemistryMaterials Advances2633-5409View
2020Human gut microbiota and mental health: advancements and challenges in microbe-based therapeutic interventionsVerma, H., Phian, S., Lakra, P., Kaur, J., Subudhi, S., Lal, R., & Rawat, C. D.BotanyIndian journal of microbiology, 1-15.0046-8991View
2020Insight into solute-solute and solute-solvent interactions of semicarbazide hydrochloride in aqueous-D-glucose/D-sucrose solutions at temperatures from 293.15 to 318.15 KAnkita, D. Chand and A. K. NainChemistryChinese Journal of Chemical Engineering(Elsevier)1004-9541View
2020Insight into solute-solute and solute-solvent interactions of l-proline in aqueous-D-xylose/Larabinose solutions by using physicochemical methods at temperatures from 293.15 to 318.15 KA. K. NainChemistryJournal of Molecular Liquids (Elsevier), 0167-7322View
2020Viscosity B-coefficients and thermodynamics of viscous flow of l-arginine/l-histidine in aqueous-gentamicin sulphate at temperatures from 298.15 to 318.15 KAnkita and A. K. NainChemistryOrganic & Medicinal Chemistry International Journal(Juniper)2474-7610
2020Volumertic and ultrasonic study of l-arginine/l-histidine and gentamicin sulphate in aqueous medium at different temperaturesA. K. NainChemistryJournal of Molecular Liquids (Elsevier), 0167-7322View
2020Experimental and theoretical studies of transport and optical properties of binary mixtures of acetonitrile with some alkyl methacrylates at temperatures from 293.15 to 318.15 KP. Droliya, D. Chand and A. K. NainChemistryIndian J. Chem.0975-0975View
2020Densities, ultrasonic speeds, viscosities, refractive indices and excess properties of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate + N-methylacetamide binary mixtures at different temperaturesN. Chaudhary and A. K. NainChemistryJ. Chem. Eng. Data0021-9568View
2020Molecular interactions of drug semicarbazide hydrochloride in aqueousD-xylose/L-arabinose solutions at different temperatures: Volumetric, acoustic and viscometric studyAnkita, D. Chand and A. K. NainChemistryJ. Chem. Thermodyn0021-9614View
2020Densities, ultrasonic speeds, viscosities, refractive indices, excess and partial molar properties of binary mixtures of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate with formamide at temperatures from 293.15 to 318.15 KN. Chaudhary and A. K. NainChemistryJournal of Molecular Liquids (Elsevier), 0167-7322View
2020Study to reconnoiter solvation consequences of l-arginine/l-histidine and sodium salicylate in aqueous medium probed by physicochemical approach in the temperature range (293.15 – 318.15) KJ. Gupta, D. Chand and A. K. NainChemistryJournal of Molecular Liquids (Elsevier), 0167-7322View
2020Correlation between physicochemical properties and non-covalent interactions involving l-arginine/l-histidine and semicarbazide hydrochloride at temperatures from 293.15 to 318.15 KJ. Gupta and A. K. NainChemistryJournal of Chemical Thermodynamics (Elsevier) 0021-9614View
2020Insight into interactions of l-arginine/l-histidine with drug betaine hydrochloride in aqueous medium at different temperatures by using physicochemical methodsJ. Gupta, D. Chand and A. K. NainChemistryOrganic & Medicinal Chem. I.J.2474-7610
2020Study of solvation behavior and interactions of drug betaine hydrochloride in aqueous-D-xylose/L-arabinose solutions at different temperatures by using volumetric, acoustic and viscometric methodsAnkita and A. K. NainChemistryJ. Chem. Thermodyn0021-9614View
2020Study on the interactions of drug isoniazid in aqueous-D-xylose/L-arabinose solutions at different temperatures using volumetric, acoustic and viscometric approachesAnkita and A. K. NainChemistryJournal of Molecular Liquids (Elsevier), 0167-7322View
2020Volumetric, ultrasonic, viscometric and refractive index studies of molecular interactions in binary mixtures of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate with methyl acrylate at temperatures from 293.15 to 318.15 KN. Chaudhary and A. K. NainChemistryJournal of Molecular Liquids (Elsevier), 0167-7322View
2020In-vitro Assessment of Core-Shell Micellar Nanostructures of Amphiphilic Cationic Polymer-Peptide Conjugates as Efficient Gene and Drug CarriersGarg, C., Priyam A., Kumar, P., Sharma, A. K. and Gupta, A.ChemistryJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 109, 2847-2853.0022-3549View
2020Acetic acid catalysed solvent-free synthesis of spiro-isoxazolo[5,4-b]pyridines/quinolines by mechano-chemical grindingJindal S, Meena K and Magoo D.ChemistryJournal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, 57 (12), 4271-4277.0971-1627View
2020Antioxidant activity of 2-bromo- 3- hydroxy- 2- nitropropylcinnamate against alcohol induced oxidative damage in ratsMalik R. K., Singh, D., Anuradha and Kumar S.ChemistryAsian Journal Of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, 5 (2), 156-160.NAView
2020Elucidation of the Antimicrobial Capabilities of Spirooxindole Fused Heterocycles Synthesized Via Catalyst Free MethodPreeti, Prasad, T.,Magoo, D. , Meena, K.,Ghorai, S. M. and H. KaurChemistryIndian Journal of Natural Sciences, 10(61), 27323-27330.0976 – 0997
2020Depreciation of Rupee: Causes, Consequences and policies for insulationShivani Gupta, Sanket Shekhar and Diya SharmacommerceInternational Journal of Academic Research & Development2395-1737
2020Indian Agri commodities Markets: A Review of Transition towards FuturesKar,MeenakshiCommerceJournal of Operations and Strategic Planning, May 20.NAView
2020Towards Sustainable Indian Agri commodities’ markets experiences, innovative model and future agendaKar,MeenakshiCommercePRAGATI Journal of Indian Economy, 7, 48-63.2347-4432View
2020Online Learning Experience in India & Covid 19 An Empirical AnalysisKaur, K., and Kaur, JCommerceIOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education, 11 (2).
2020Does CSR Committee composition affect CSR Disclosure: A Study of Indian companiesPaul, J and Singh, DCommerceCorporate Governance Insight, 2 (2), 63-79.
2020Trading Strategies of Institutional Investors during COVID 19Tripathi, Neeta.CommerceInternational Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT), 8 (9), 4387-4392.
2020Relevance of behaviour in finance: Conceptual analysisTripathi, NeetaCommerceInternational Journal of Creative Research Thoughts, 8 (8), 3815-3823.
2020Effects of Trusting Beliefs on intentions to buy online: Evidence From Online Grocery and essential retail during crisisSehgal, S., Agarwal, G., and Maini, R.,CommerceSouth Asian Journal of Management.0971-5428
2020The shade which fades- Vampire effect in advertisingYadav, PriyankaCommerceELK Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Retail Management, 11, 1-14.0976-7193
2020 Hybrid enhanced shuffled bat algorithm for data clusteringChaudhary, R., &Banati, H.Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms, 17(3-4), 323-341. 1755-0386
eISSN: 1755-0394
2020Study of population partitioning techniques on efficiency of swarm algorithms. Chaudhary, R., &Banati, H.Computer ScienceSwarm and Evolutionary Computation, 55, 100672.
2020A Prescriptive Model for Migration to Microservices Based on SDLC Artifacts,Journal of Web Engineering, 20(3), 817–852.Goel, A.Computer ScienceJournal of Web Engineering, 20(3), 817–852.1540-9589View
2020Feature-Based Analysis of Social Networking and Collaboration in MOOCGoel, A.Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Distance Education Technologies (IJDET), 18(2), 34-51.1539-3100View
2020PaaS Providers and Their OfferingsGoel, A.Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Scientific & Technology Research (IJSCR), 9(02), 4009-4015.2277-8616View
2020Entropy-based classification of trust factors for cloud computing.Sharma, A., Munjal, P., &Banati, H.Computer Science International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing, 11(6). 1741-847XView
2020Language Recognition and Identity Formation in the Khasi and Jaintia HillsBlah, Mereleen Lily Lyngdoh Y.EnglishRupkantha Journal, 12(5), 1-6.0975-2935View
2020Dalit Narrative: A voice of Bettered and Bruised ConsciousnessSingh, Yash PalEnglishConifer Call: Shimla Journal of Poetry and Criticism, V(1), 65-72.NA
2020“AGE” In The Age Of Pandemic Covid-19: A Policy Framework For Building The Resilience Of ElderlyGautam, U. and Tewari , D. B.GeographyILI Law Review Special Issue 2020, 217-240.0976-1489View
2020Community Preparedness for Disasters in Delhi: An Empirical EvaluationGautam, U. and Tewari , D. B.GeographyEuropean Journal of Sustainable Development, 9(4), 71-83.2239-5938View
2020Mental Health Literacy in Students of Law in the Selected South Asian CountriesGautam, U., Tewari , D. B. and Sharma, S.GeographyJournal of Talent Development and Excellence, 12 (2s), 3887-3902.View
2020Geo-statistical analysis of increasing addiction to electronic gadgets and its impact on social interaction in everyday geography of DelhiRani, S., Mishra, T., Jha, J., Kumar, R.GeographyResearch Review International Journal of MultidisciplinaryNA
2020Scaling the Mental Health Literacy Amongst Undergraduate Students: A Road Towards Sustainable DevelopmentSharma, S., Gautam, U. and Tewari D. B.GeographyEuropean Journal of Sustainable Development2239-5938View
2020Policy And Practice Of Land Acquisition In Delhi: Mapping The (In) Aptness Of Larr Act, 2013 In Urban SpacesTewari, D. B. and Gautam , U.GeographyPsychology and Education JournalNA
2020Pant: Drum on kimriduchhayameinThakur, SamikshaHindiAnbhaysancha, Sep-Dec.NA
2020Yatharth ka punarstarrinal hi kavitahaiTiwari, P.K.HindiNayypathNA
2020On duality of grand Bochner Lebesgue spacesJain P., Singh M., Singh A.P. and Stepanov V.D.MathematicsMathematical Notes0001-4346View
2020New class of g-wolfe-type symmetric duality model and duality relations under gf-bonvexityover arbitrary conesKumar, A.Mathematics Journal of Inequalities and Applications1025-5834View
2020Pattern formation of prey-predator system with schooling behavior via amplitude equationKumar, A.MathematicsAdvances in Mathematics : Scientific Journal,1857-8365View
2020A coupled unified difference method for numerical solution of the initial boundary value fourth order parabolic problemsPandey, P.K.MathematicsJournal of Computational and Engineering MathematicsNAView
2020A finite difference approach to the solution of elliptic boundary value problems with nonlocal boundary condition in PDEsPandey, P.K.MathematicsTheory and Application of Mathematics & Computer Science2067-2764
2020The numerical solution of three point third order boundary value problems in odesPandey, P.K.MathematicsJournal of Science and Arts 20NAView
2020Remarks on set-Menger and related propertiesSingh, S.MathematicsTopology and its Applications0166-8641View
2020On the set version of selectively star-CCC spacesSingh, S.MathematicsJournal of Mathematics,2314-4629View
2020Relativization of star-C-Hurewicz property in topological spacesSingh, S.MathematicsBulletin of Iranian Mathematical Society1018-6301View
2020Avsaad (depression)Dr. Rita NagpalCommerceSamvedna2581-9917
2020Covid 19 Pandemic: oppourtunities & key concerns for indian education systemSimhar S, Bajaj kcommerceTrinity international journal of management2581-9321
2020Relevance of Behaviour in Finance: Conceptual AnalysisNeeta TripathiCommerceInternational Journal of Creative Research Thoughts2320-2882View
2020Trading Strategies of Institutional Investors during COVID 1Neeta TripathicommerceInternational Journal of Creative Research Thoughts2320-2882View
2020Herding and BRICS markets: a study of distribution tailsShrotryia, V. K., & Kalra, H. (2020)CommerceReview of Behavioral Finance. 1940-5979View
2020The Ageing problem of Twins in Reissner –Nordstrom SpacetimeKumar, Himanshu.PhysicsModern Physics Letters A0217-7323View